Welcome to McCloskey Enterprise Inc.

If your project is nearing completion, then you need the services of the crew from McCloskey Enterprise, Inc. Specialized to perform cleaning, punch-out, and powerwashing. McCloskey Enterprises does it all, paying attention to the details you expect for your clients.

Our cleaning crew handles the entire house from powerwashing basements and siding to wiping down utilities cabinets, floors and windows. Interior and exterior, appliances and driveways, steel beams, and bathrooms, our highly trained and efficient crew takes care of your cleaning, punch-out and powerwashing needs.

Our highly-skilled punch-out crew takes care of those last minute details such as: trim work, caulking, dry wall, door adjustments, point-up and painting, both interior and exterior.

As your project, development, or new construction nears completion, you need a specialized service that provides the final touches your customers expect and demand. Call or e-mail McCloskey Enterprise, Inc. to find out how you can get a result that sparkles!